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Of Lag and Laughter

Last week was something of a roller coaster of emotions for me. Week started fine and the weather was super nice. Tuesday I experienced a rush of happiness that I hadn't felt in years and it was so overwhelming I didn't know what to do myself. Then Wednesday I didn't get my youngest daughter for… Continue reading Of Lag and Laughter

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Worgen-ing In The New Year

After I finished my last video featuring several of my Warcraft OCs, I decided my next video was going to be about my worgen boys. When I started working on the video, I discovered I didn't have any video of the starting cinematic or quests so I was "forced" to make a new worgen boy,… Continue reading Worgen-ing In The New Year

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Worgen Hu’s Narcoleptic Adventures

Fun ideas can come from anywhere and this time such fun came from Twitter. Let me pause here to say how grateful I am for the Twitter "fam" of fellow Warcraft players, gamers, etc who interact with me and/or put up with me daily. For an introverted and peculiar woman such as myself, being in… Continue reading Worgen Hu’s Narcoleptic Adventures