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Worgen Hu’s Narcoleptic Adventures

Fun ideas can come from anywhere and this time such fun came from Twitter. Let me pause here to say how grateful I am for the Twitter “fam” of fellow Warcraft players, gamers, etc who interact with me and/or put up with me daily. For an introverted and peculiar woman such as myself, being in a community of people who share my interests and quirks is divine!

During a Twitter exchange of quirky things, it was implied that sleeping worgen are adorable. Well, yes, of course they are, but I was dismayed to discover that I had no screenshots on my phone of any of my worgen boys sleeping. I love my worgen boys, which is of course why I have three at the moment. Hrmm, maybe I’ll play my worgen druid that’s still in Gilneas tonight. But I digress…

With this idea that sleeping worgen are adorable, I set out to take some screenshots of my worgen DK Huarvey, Hu for short, to demonstrate. I did a few of Hu sleeping in a bed, but that didn’t seem to suit his personality.

Nope, this is far too soft!

It felt to me like he’d be the type to sleep anywhere, anytime. In fact, he’s narcoleptic! Being undead must be exhausting after all, especially wielding all those frost powers, so power naps here and there are totally justified.

Ahh, nice and firm!
What a view!
Soothing sounds of a waterfall.
These hawks are a little noisy. Oh! That skull eye looks comfy!
Yes, very comfy!
Here we go! Above it all but still warmed by the fire.

A simple “challenge” of taking a picture of my DK worgen sleeping turned into an entire blog post, albeit a short one. And I guess that’s just another quirk of mine, taking something simple and making it ridiculously involved. šŸ˜‰

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