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Embracing My Inner Troll Woman

I have created more than one female Darkspear troll during my many years of playing World of Warcraft, but I've never leveled them very far. I can't remember my reasons why, but I'm sure I thought they made sense at the time. I'll probably never make a male Darkspear troll because their hunching and crouching… Continue reading Embracing My Inner Troll Woman

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The Long Awaited Lunarwing Form

When I got my night elf druid Dax to 120, I knew it was time to finally finish the druid campaign from Legion. I'd been stuck on the quest to get the healing artifact for quite some time but figured at 120 with benthic armor, fighting the big, bad demon and keeping my fellow druids… Continue reading The Long Awaited Lunarwing Form

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Level Another Druid? Sure, why not!

Having gotten my Zandalari druid into the 60s and gaining his awesome flying dinosaur form, I decided I'd work on leveling my worgen druid through dungeons next. I'd made several worgen druids before finally settling on my latest one named Altarn. I love both his feline form coloring and his worgen coloring so I'm definitely… Continue reading Level Another Druid? Sure, why not!