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Of Lag and Laughter

Last week was something of a roller coaster of emotions for me. Week started fine and the weather was super nice. Tuesday I experienced a rush of happiness that I hadn't felt in years and it was so overwhelming I didn't know what to do myself. Then Wednesday I didn't get my youngest daughter for… Continue reading Of Lag and Laughter

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Spinning Monk, Voodoo Warrior

Lately, when the "grind" of BfA becomes too much for me, I've been escaping into Shadowlands public test realm. I've copied many of my characters onto ptr and made new ones to experiment and it's fun to just play around. Even though I already have two monks in game, one of which is 110, I… Continue reading Spinning Monk, Voodoo Warrior

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What a Lovely Boost!

With what's happening in the world today, I've been playing World of Warcraft a bit more than usual. I've been playing more to escape the stress of thinking about what's happening and the uncertainty of it all. Warcraft has always managed to be a comfort to me in the tough times and now is no… Continue reading What a Lovely Boost!

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Loving The New Worgen Models!

When I learned that World of Warcraft patch 8.2.5 with the updated worgen and goblin models was coming out September 24th, I was psyched! I'd been excited about the new worgen models since they first announced it and started showing images of them. I wasn't as excited about goblins, but I later changed my mind.… Continue reading Loving The New Worgen Models!

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Norayni and Zip the Chicken

A while ago I talked about the void elf warrior named Norayni that I made on the Emerald Dream US realm and how she interacted with the chickens in a very empty Goldshire. Because Goldshire is so deserted on Emerald Dream, the noise of the chickens outside the inn is very easy to hear. In… Continue reading Norayni and Zip the Chicken