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Taking Flight with Warcraft Kindness

Although I’ve encountered some less than nice people in World of Warcraft, the majority of my interactions with fellow Warcraft players have been positive. A little kindness can go a long way anywhere and Azeroth is no exception.

A while ago I created a worgen druid named Altarn on the Cenarion Circle realm because I wanted to try yet another roleplay realm to see what I thought. I’m not sure why I keep going into RP realms because I’m not big into roleplay but I guess maybe someday I think I will be.

I never know when the fancy will strike me to play a particular character because I have so many alts but recently Altarn has been my favorite to play. I’m hoping to level him to 110 for the worgen heritage armor so I can add another heritage armor to my collection. However, leveling on a realm where I don’t have any established toons comes with a slight drawback: lack of funds.

I’ve been leveling Altarn pretty fast thanks to the experience bonus and thankfully druids automatically get flying at level 58 which saves a nice bit of gold. However, when I got to level 70, I had nowhere near the 4500 gold required for the next level of flying. I tried selling some items on the auction house with limited success and thought perhaps I’d never be able to afford level 70 flying and get the worgen lunarwing for him.

Fortunately, when I mentioned my lack of gold for level 70 flying on Twitter, a couple of people in the community reached out with offers to help. While one ended up not being able to help me on Cenarion Circle they did say they could help me on Emerald Dream if I ever needed it. Another person said they could give me some pets to sell in the AH and that doing that would probably get me the gold I needed. I thanked them profusely and we set up a time to meet the next morning.

I hopped online the next day at the designated time and met up with the person who had made a new character on that realm just so they could give me the pets. Talk about kindness! They gave me a few pets they thought were interesting and would fetch decent gold and they also gifted the the Lil’ Bad Wolf pet which I found absolutely adorable!

I chatted with the person for a bit about battle pets and druids and they seemed very nice! Thanks to their kindness, I was able to finally afford level 70 flying after a couple of the battle pets sold. It took some patience and relisting of the pets, but it was totally worth it! I probably could’ve level Altarn to 110 and still not had enough gold for faster flying but thanks to the kindness of a fellow Warcraft player, he was able to take flight in his lovely lunarwing form.

I’m not a person who tends to ask for help because I feel like I’m being greedy or intrusive somehow, so I greatly appreciate that people in the Warcraft community are willing to step forward and offer help sometimes. To continue such kindness, as I’ve stated on Twitter, I am willing to help other players by running people through low level dungeons and/or by assisting with the high cost of flying with my max level characters on the following realms:

  • Ravencrest/Uldaman – Horde and Alliance
  • Suramar – Horde
  • Muradin- Alliance

My battletag is Sriset#1965 and I’m on most evenings after 6 or 7PM EST. So if you ever find yourself in need in Warcraft, give me a shout and I’ll see what I can do. =) I think it’s so much easier and more rewarding to be kind instead of cruel and it’s a trend I’d like to continue.

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