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A Sri By Any Other Name

For a while now I've been considering changing my "brand" as it were, from Sriset Syaine to something else that didn't include Syaine. I chose the name Sriset Syaine because at the time those were the names of my two mains, my blood elf hunter Sriset and my night elf rogue Syaine. I felt it… Continue reading A Sri By Any Other Name

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The Little Lock That Could

This past weekend I was trying to decide which character I was going to take into the Nya raid with the Twitter/Discord group sometimes fondly referred to as Strawberries. I was leaning towards my blood elf warlock Salxi because I wasn't sure if the usual lock player was going to be there and I know… Continue reading The Little Lock That Could

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Embracing My Inner Troll Woman

I have created more than one female Darkspear troll during my many years of playing World of Warcraft, but I've never leveled them very far. I can't remember my reasons why, but I'm sure I thought they made sense at the time. I'll probably never make a male Darkspear troll because their hunching and crouching… Continue reading Embracing My Inner Troll Woman

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Fresh Purple Demon Hunter with a Fun Purpose

It's very common for me to have several toons of the same class. I have multiple hunters, warriors, death knights, druids, etc. However, up until recently I only had two demon hunters, a male blood elf and a male night elf. Then when I started playing on the US realm of Suramar a while ago… Continue reading Fresh Purple Demon Hunter with a Fun Purpose

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Tired of Purple, Time for New Pets!

After doing the content in Visions of N'zoth for a while, the bugs and the purple just became too much. I'll probably still play through some of the content but there's not really much motivation to do so. When I was grinding in Nazjatar and Mechagon, it was to unlock flying. When I was grinding… Continue reading Tired of Purple, Time for New Pets!