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Raptors, Rowdiness, Rumbles, Robes, and Resora

For reasons I no longer remember, I made a second female blood elf paladin on Ravencrest many moons ago. Her name is Resora now, which was not her original name, but I've since forgotten her original name. There have been a few times I thought about deleting her because it seemed silly having Solunai and… Continue reading Raptors, Rowdiness, Rumbles, Robes, and Resora

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Of Lag and Laughter

Last week was something of a roller coaster of emotions for me. Week started fine and the weather was super nice. Tuesday I experienced a rush of happiness that I hadn't felt in years and it was so overwhelming I didn't know what to do myself. Then Wednesday I didn't get my youngest daughter for… Continue reading Of Lag and Laughter

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Warcraft Mages: Squishy, Flashy, and Very Portable

When the Love is in the Air event started in Warcraft, I decided I wanted to work towards being able to buy the lovely hearthstone this year. I did some of the quests on a couple different toons and then realized the best one to do all the dailies on was my mage, Lindrastra. Why?… Continue reading Warcraft Mages: Squishy, Flashy, and Very Portable