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Worgen-ing In The New Year

After I finished my last video featuring several of my Warcraft OCs, I decided my next video was going to be about my worgen boys. When I started working on the video, I discovered I didn’t have any video of the starting cinematic or quests so I was “forced” to make a new worgen boy, this time a hunter I named Irwild.

Irwild loading his crossbow while Brutus watches on.

I’ve played through the worgen starter area of Gilneas more times than I can remember, but it’s still one of my favorite starting zones because it’s so spooky and beautiful. I took my hunter Irwild through the quests, recorded the cinematics I needed and got him off Gilneas at level 19 thanks to the Warcraft anniversary bonus.

Before Irwild, I’d never made a worgen hunter and I admit that I fell instantly in love with him, as I have all my worgen boys. I love the worgen hunter motions, especially when loading and firing a crossbow and having a mastiff as a pet is quite cool. As I went through the area, I tamed two more mastiffs and selected the talent to have two pets so I could have two good puppers helping my worgen boy.

Irwild and his mastiffs Brutus and Cleo.

While working on the worgen video, I decided I wanted to take all my worgen boys back to the Ruins of Gilneas for some shots. As the area is surrounded by Horde zones, I knew that might be a bit tricky, but I figured it was worth the risk. Getting my death knight there was easy because he’s in the 60’s and just flew there. My druid is in the 40s and I ran him in kitty stealth form where needed and swam him through the water in his travel form. My warrior is also in the 40s and he just rode all the way there without incident. I thought I might have some trouble taking my 20s level worgen hunter to Gilneas, but despite a few swipes by high level bears in the Western Plaguelands, he made it safely to his former home.

I discovered some interesting areas while running my worgen boys home to Gilneas. Places like Fenris Keep and Ambermill that are friendly to the Alliance.

My warrior Vyraxus leaving Fenris Keep
Ambermill filled with friendly elementals

There’s also those “inconspicuous bears” roaming the hills outside the Greymane Wall that are obviously worgen druids.

A worgen druid in bear form.

It seems to me that there should be Alliance quests in Silverpine Forest if such places exist, but I’m guessing Blizzard gave up on such ideas long ago. Considering how long Gilneas has stayed in ruin, I imagine there will never be an alliance presence in that part of the Eastern Kingdoms. Especially since there’s Alliance camps set up withing the city. Seems like a wasted opportunity to me…

My warrior Vyraxus by one of the empty Alliance camps in Gilneas.

Although I started working on my worgen video last week, I did most of the work on it yesterday on New Year’s Eve. As I created the video, I discovered more shots I needed and so I basically spent the day playing all four of my worgen boys at various times. I even dreamt about the worgen starter area at one point while working on the video. I definitely have a closer connection with my worgen boys after all this!

My druid Altarn in Gilneas.
My DK Hu in Gilneas.

If you’re wondering why I only have worgen boys and not girls, well, I just prefer the worgen male models, emotes, and actions better. I think the female worgen are lovely and I did make a few when the new models came out, but I’m just happier with worgen boys. I might change my mind someday, never know.

After spending New Year’s Eve with my worgen boys and creating the video, I tried to upload it to YouTube last night but had technical difficulties. I’ll try uploading it again tonight and I’ll post about it here once it’s up. There’s a lot to love about worgen and I find something new every day!

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