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Spinning Monk, Voodoo Warrior

Lately, when the “grind” of BfA becomes too much for me, I’ve been escaping into Shadowlands public test realm. I’ve copied many of my characters onto ptr and made new ones to experiment and it’s fun to just play around. Even though I already have two monks in game, one of which is 110, I decided to make a blood elf monk to see what, if anything will change for monks in Shadowlands.

Due to my addiction to blood elves, I soon fell in love with my baby monk and decided to keep playing her until level 10 and then took her to Pandaria. I discovered that she would occasionally slice with her sword and I hoped that was a new action added for Shadowlands. But once she could pick a spec, she didn’t use her sword anymore, which was a bit of a bummer.

Then the other day I realized that I’d never made a darkspear troll warrior and that it sounded like a fun combination. So today, I made a darkspear troll warrior with the sandfury colors and some bodypaint to test her out.

I liked what I saw so much that I then changed the faction and race of my high level draenei warrior to see what a max level troll warrior would feel like. I was not disappointed! I don’t usually play any characters shirtless, but the limited top options in ptr all covered her lovely body paint, so I left her a bit wild and free.

Heaven knows I have more than enough characters to play now, but playing around with my spinning monk and voodoo warrior definitely gives me more to think about. I’ll be taking my blood elf hunter Sriset into Shadowlands first, followed closely by her sisters Solunai, Salxi, and Lindrastra, but I’m sure I’ll need a break sometimes and want to play lower level alts like always.

While I haven’t created my voodoo warrior in game yet, I have created my baby monk and I might level her far enough to get riding before parking her until at least the pre-patch releases. I already have several warriors but I’m loving my voodoo warrior so much that I’m sure she’ll pop into existence before too long. After all, variety is the spice of life!

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