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What a Lovely Boost!

With what’s happening in the world today, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft a bit more than usual. I’ve been playing more to escape the stress of thinking about what’s happening and the uncertainty of it all. Warcraft has always managed to be a comfort to me in the tough times and now is no exception.

Therefore I was very happy to hear that Blizzard was giving all players a 100% experience bonus for an entire month. What a lovely boost! I have tons of characters that are at a variety of levels and a 100% experience boost will go a long way to getting them leveled up!

My first thought when I learned about the boost was that I could finally finish leveling my nightborne monk Thireu to level 110 and get the heritage armor and start working towards the monk class mount. So that’s exactly what I did for two evenings. I took Thi from level 103 to almost 107 in one evening and then the rest of the way to 110 the next evening. I then got her the nightborne heritage armor, but didn’t think it really fit her personality.

I felt the armor would suit my nightborne warrior Tagalong much better because I already had her wearing a plate skirt because I think it’s cool to kick butt in a skirt. I tried the armor on Tag and sure enough, it looked perfect on her!

As cool as the helm is and as much as I appreciate that it still shows their hair, I’m not a fond of helms in general so I eventually hid it, the shoulders, the gloves, and the bracers.

I got so distracted by how cool Tag looked in the armor, that I decided to resume leveling her and took her to Twilight Highlands. I’ve leveled at least one toon in Twilight Highlands before but it’s been a rather long time, so I didn’t remember the whole, long ride on the zeppelin there and many of the quests that followed it. It’s always nice to go back to an “old” area and discover that it’s all new to me.

With the 100% experience boost, I’m sure I’ll be leveling many of my characters and having fun doing it. Social isolation is nothing new to me because I’m an introvert and I live in the middle of nowhere, but that doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to everything. Warcraft is a good coping mechanism for me and I was very happy to see so many other players in the Legion areas the first evening after the boost was implemented. It’s nice feeling less alone and more connected in such challenging times.

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