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Norayni and Zip the Chicken

A while ago I talked about the void elf warrior named Norayni that I made on the Emerald Dream US realm and how she interacted with the chickens in a very empty Goldshire. Because Goldshire is so deserted on Emerald Dream, the noise of the chickens outside the inn is very easy to hear. In fact, before playing on Emerald Dream, I hadn’t even noticed chickens outside the inn.

As my first notable experience in Goldshire on Norayni was hearing the chickens, I decided that the chickens were trying to tell her something and thus, Norayni acquired a chicken pet. I had several Westfall chickens in my pet journal, so I picked one out and plopped it in front of her. I wasn’t sure what to name the chicken, so I decided to do some questing and see what came to me.

Now I’ve never really had a pet chicken out before as a battle pet and I didn’t realize they made so much noise all the time. They make even more noise when running to keep up with mounted characters. Watching that chicken work desperately to keep up with Norayni astride her mount, I decided that Zip was a perfect name for him because he zipped along to stay with his owner.

I decided to do some battle pet matches with Zip because it happened to be the last day of the Pet Battle Bonus Event and I felt he needed to sharpen his skills. Zip proved a formidable foe and leveled quickly.

As I’ve continued to play Norayni and level her, I’ve found most areas as quiet and player-sparse as Goldshire and Zip’s noises have been good for companionship. Plus, Emerald Dream is supposed to be a role play realm and I rather like the idea of a tough warrior having a plain old chicken as a pet. It’s a contrast that has a lot of potential for some interesting stories…

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