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Missing Khadgar and Illidan

The first time I remember dealing with Khadgar in any way was during Burning Crusade when his elemental in Shattrath offered to give me a "brief tour" of the city that as everyone knows, is anything but brief. I honestly don't remember talking to Khadgar himself, although I'm sure I did and that at the… Continue reading Missing Khadgar and Illidan

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Finding the Beat

As an introverted single mom who works from home, my life didn't change very much when the pandemic hit. However, in the warmer months I usually drive from Upstate New York to Massachusetts to volunteer and dance at Native American powwows, and that gives me a much needed dose of social interaction. That isn't happening… Continue reading Finding the Beat

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Visions of Purple, Tentacles, and Bugs

When the latest patch, Visions of N'zoth came out, I was most excited about finally being able to make vulpera characters. In fact, the first thing I did on my blood elf hunter Sriset was the quest line to unlock the new allied race. Along the way she picked up a new pet, the black… Continue reading Visions of Purple, Tentacles, and Bugs

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Max Level Priest. But Do I Deserve Him?

Thanks to Korrak's Revenge in Alterac Valley, I now have five new 120 level characters, including my nightborne priest named Trehvos. I'm very happy to have a priest at max level, but I'm not entirely sure I deserve him. You see, I used my Battle for Azeroth boost on Trehvos because I've always struggled to… Continue reading Max Level Priest. But Do I Deserve Him?

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Dexterous Druid Dax Dings 120! 🐾

Yesterday morning, thanks to doing four bouts of Korrak's Revenge, the Alterac Valley anniversary event battleground, I finally got my night elf druid Dax to 120! The Alliance lost in all the AV battlegrounds I did but I still got enough experience to take him from 116.5 to 120. Some matches were more painful than… Continue reading Dexterous Druid Dax Dings 120! 🐾