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Visions of Purple, Tentacles, and Bugs

When the latest patch, Visions of N’zoth came out, I was most excited about finally being able to make vulpera characters. In fact, the first thing I did on my blood elf hunter Sriset was the quest line to unlock the new allied race.

Along the way she picked up a new pet, the black worg found in the Twilight Highlands for the vulpera race quests. He’s now aptly named Twilight.

I then remade the vulpera shaman I’d made in the public test realm, watched the intro cinematic, and left her parked in Orgrimmar to build up rest experience.

After that, I made a new female troll druid and played through the troll starter area before parking her in Orgrimmar too. Obviously, I wasn’t overly eager to start any of the quests dealing with N’zoth.

When I did finally start the quests for 8.3, I decided I’d try them on my night elf rogue Syaine. I figured a rogue could sneak around most stuff and only fight as needed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it past a certain part in the Halls of Origination on Syaine, so I pulled out my bigger, furrier weapon, my night elf druid Dax. I’d been playing him in guardian/bear form and he seemed nigh indestructible so it seemed like a good bet.

Dax made it through the Halls of Origination with Magni without breaking a sweat and progressed with the quests in Uldum to battle the N’Zoth invasion. My impression of Uldum now is that it’s a lot buggier than it used to be but I’ve always liked the area otherwise so it’s nice to be back there.

I then progressed to the quests in Pandaria and wow did I get tired of all the purple fast! The purple and the tentacle people and the corrupted this, that, and the other thing.

Last night I finally did the quests on Wrathion to get the cloak and I’m glad to have that over with. I have to admit Wrathion seemed to kick more butt than Magni and it was good to see him out and about.

I might get the quests on other characters but I’m not quite sure. I’ve started them on my blood elf hunter and paladin, but it seems like a lot of work to get a piece of corrupted armor that has unpleasant side effects and a cloak that has to be upgraded. If I progress at all, it’ll likely be on Dax more than anyone else.

When I first started the whole N’Zoth invasion/assault quests, I wasn’t overly excited about any of it, but it’s sort of growing on me. It’s something new and different to do and it’s nice seeing so many players gathered in one area. Areas are always more crowded after a new expansion or patch and it’s a good reminder of how many people still play the game. I still haven’t progressed very far in the 8.3 so I imagine my opinion might change, but for now I’m just going with the bug-filled, shadowy purple, wiggling tentacle flow. 😉

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