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Hey, Past Sri, Check This Out!

If someone had told me back at the beginning of June that now, in early October, I'd be playing my blood elf warlock as my main, running Nya raid every Sunday, and cramming to get momentos for a mount before visions go away, I probably would've thought they were crazier than I am. But that's… Continue reading Hey, Past Sri, Check This Out!

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Visions of Nope

When the latest patch came out, Visions of Ny'alotha, I was somewhat curious about it but not overly excited that its biggest reward seemed to be a cloak. Plus, the idea of having corrupted items that caused damage to my characters while wearing them didn't appeal. But I gave it a shot on my blood… Continue reading Visions of Nope

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The Long Awaited Lunarwing Form

When I got my night elf druid Dax to 120, I knew it was time to finally finish the druid campaign from Legion. I'd been stuck on the quest to get the healing artifact for quite some time but figured at 120 with benthic armor, fighting the big, bad demon and keeping my fellow druids… Continue reading The Long Awaited Lunarwing Form

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A Very Productive WoW-iversary!

When I first heard about the World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary event I was most intrigued by the Deathwing/Obsidian Worldbreaker mount that was going to be available. I'm not usually into big dragon mounts because I can never seen anything when I'm on them, but that particular dragon looked really nice. Upon reading up on… Continue reading A Very Productive WoW-iversary!