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Dexterous Druid Dax Dings 120! ๐Ÿพ

Yesterday morning, thanks to doing four bouts of Korrak’s Revenge, the Alterac Valley anniversary event battleground, I finally got my night elf druid Dax to 120! The Alliance lost in all the AV battlegrounds I did but I still got enough experience to take him from 116.5 to 120. Some matches were more painful than others, but it was definitely worth it!

I can’t really say I have a favorite class in World of Warcraft, but I’ve found playing druids to be a lot of fun. I have a couple other druids, but Dax is the one I’ve always managed to stay focused on. Probably has to do with me being attracted to my male characters, but that’s neither here nor there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m always so pleased with myself when I take a character from level 1 all the way to level 120 without any type of boost. I can’t even say I’ve done that with my main hunter Sriset because I used the Draenor boost on her, which in hindsight was silly because she only needed 10 levels or something at the time. Regardless, as Dax and Sri are a couple in my Warcraft fanfiction, I’m happy that they’re both max level now.

Sri and Dax

As an added bonus of getting Dax to 120, my night elf rogue Syaine had enough manapearls to get Dax a full set of benthic gear which is a huge help! I’ve been playing Dax in the guardian/bear spec for most of Battle for Azeroth because I’ve already done the content so many times, I wanted to kill things as quickly as possible. My preferred spec is either feral or balance, but I’ve learned a lot by playing the bear spec.

Dax in bear form in AV

I find druids an extremely versatile class because in their cat form they have stealth, in their bear form they do some serious damage, and in their balance form (I use the glyph of stars so Dax isn’t a big feathered moonkin) they’re decent ranged fighters. Plus they have travel forms that allow them to breathe underwater, fly through the sky without a mount, allow party members to ride them, and flee faster than mere running if they can’t mount up.

Speaking of mounts, I still haven’t earned the Legion class mount form for druids and that makes me a bit bummed. I tried several times to do the healing artifact quest and painfully failed just as many times. Maybe I’ll finally be able to complete it now that Dax is max level and then I can progress with the Legion quests that eventually get me the mount form. Healing really isn’t my thing which is why I don’t do it and I’m a bit miffed by that quest. Hopefully I’ll get it eventually!

Although I’m horrible at PVP and the AV battleground can be a nightmare, now that I’ve had success getting Dax to 120, I’m going to run AV on my other 110 plus toons to get them max level. I’m curious to see if the Horde can win where the Alliance lost or if it’s all just a crap shoot. Every bout I’ve done has had different approaches so it’s been a learning experience.

The Ice Lord versus Ivus was interesting…

I encourage anyone looking to level their characters in the AV event to give it a try. I’m awful at PVP, I have no clue what I’m doing in the battleground, and I’m thin-skinned, but it really can be fun, especially if you don’t take any of it personally. Remember that it’s just a game and as such, it’s supposed to be enjoyable. Happy playing!

A very happy Dax!

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