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Max Level Priest. But Do I Deserve Him?

Thanks to Korrak’s Revenge in Alterac Valley, I now have five new 120 level characters, including my nightborne priest named Trehvos. I’m very happy to have a priest at max level, but I’m not entirely sure I deserve him.

You see, I used my Battle for Azeroth boost on Trehvos because I’ve always struggled to level a priest. I felt that skipping right to 110 would make it much easier to get to max level and to a certain degree it did. However, do I think I would have gotten Treh to level 120 anytime soon without the AV anniversary event? Probably not.

Treh doing his shadowy best in AV.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Trehvos. I got all the artifact weapons on him, did the priest order hall quests, and got him the priest class mount. He has an entire backstory all thought up in my mind and hopefully written out someday in my Warcraft fanfiction. I feel invested in him and connected to him, but he still somehow seems out of reach for me. Maybe it’s because he’s a nightborne male and I’m remembering all that time in Suramar being called a “lowborn” by the nightborne there…

Trehvos is smart and sophisticated and even though he’s a “squishy” priest, he’s strong because he does mining and is a blacksmith. I struggle with his transmogs to get them looking snazzy enough to suit his personality. I have one mog that looks perfect on him, just one though. Every other mog I’ve tried seems to fall short. That probably has something to do with the fact that I don’t tend to like robes on my characters and I don’t have much selection for cloth chest pieces.

I play Trehvos in shadow spec most of the time and dabble in discipline now and then, but as I’ve said before, I’m not good with healing. I think perhaps I’m decent with shadow spec though because when I ran him through AV, and inevitably died, healers wanted to rez him at least twice. That’s two times more than any of my other characters in AV received.

I find playing shadow priest quite enjoyable as long as the enemies are far away. That’s true of all my squishy toons but there’s an added bit of fun with a shadow priest because of the dark whispers they hear when casting spells. There’s just something devilish about playing a character that can both heal and cast dark magic at the same time, and in Trehvos’s case, look fabulous while doing so.

I hope with the next expansion when there’s more customization options in the game, nightborne are included in that. The nightborne have so few options for faces, hair, etc, and every one of the nightborne male faces looks angry and somewhat scary. Despite their shadowed past, nightborne are an elegant race and their males should be allowed to reflect that. I wouldn’t mind if they were a bit beefier too like their night elf kin.

While boosting Trehvos didn’t exactly give me a full understanding of what goes into playing a priest, I’m glad he’s 120. I do have a female void elf priest that I’m still leveling and I’m sure I’ll have more in-depth knowledge of the class as times passes. Until then, I’ll just have to convince myself that I’m worthy enough to play Trehvos and that he’s more accommodating than I give him credit for.

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