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Missing Khadgar and Illidan

The first time I remember dealing with Khadgar in any way was during Burning Crusade when his elemental in Shattrath offered to give me a “brief tour” of the city that as everyone knows, is anything but brief. I honestly don’t remember talking to Khadgar himself, although I’m sure I did and that at the time, he had a different model than he does now.

I didn’t really understand and appreciate who Khadgar was until I played Warlords of Draenor where I had to interact with him quite regularly on both Horde and Alliance sides. I still enjoy his part in the introductory quest line into Draenor and the humor, wit, fun, and power he brings to the whole affair. There’s a reason he’s called Dadgar and I think he’s downright awesome.

I was therefore happy when Khadgar continued to play a big role in Legion and was once again using his amazing mage powers to do things mage players only dream of. Such as wielding fire, ice, and arcane all at the same time, transforming into a flying crow, and teleporting a massive amount of people out of danger. We don’t have to click on any portals, Dadgar will whisk us off to safety with a wave of his hand!

Legion was also the first time I really became aware of who Illidan was and also where I developed a bit of a crush on him. Sure, he was in Burning Crusade, but until the current expansion where I actually have a group to play with, I really hadn’t concerned myself with end content such as the Black Temple Raid. Honestly, I didn’t learn much about Warcraft lore until Legion when I finally became curious about who the heck all these characters were and why people were arguing about them on social media.

During Legion, I actually enjoyed that both Khadgar and Illidan were doling out world quests. Khadgar always had some ridiculous dad joke or pun to say when I successfully did the same tasks for the zillionth time. Then Illidan giving instructions in his sexy, gravelly voice made me want to sacrifice everything to kill those demons I’d already killed countless times. Plus, after playing a demon hunter (or two or three) I felt a stronger connection with Illidan and I understood what he was trying to do.

But then Battle for Azeroth came along and Khadgar and Illidan went poof! I know Illidan is locked in an eternal battle with Sargerus and probably loving it and Khadgar obviously deserves a vacation. However, I’m not exactly fond of their replacements in Battle for Azeroth and rarely feel overly motivated by anything other than a need for rep or better gear to do world quests. At least when Khadgar and Illidan asked me to do something, I felt like they appreciated my efforts.

Then of course, there’s one of the most “persistent” major characters of all in BfA, Magni Bronzebeard. He seems to be the character I deal with the most, especially in the Visions of N’Zoth content, and boy am I tired of hearing about Azeroth and her “Woonz!” Not only are the Horde and Alliance at war but we’re supposed to constantly be trying to heal Azeroth and keep Azerite out of evil hands so we can use it to make our weapons and armor more powerful. More powerful so we can fight not only miscellaneous baddies but the other faction. I’ve never been fond of the whole faction war because there’s enough dissonance in the real world and I look forward to hopefully dealing with it less in Shadowlands.

Honestly, I won’t miss Magni and I don’t look forward to having to deal with him with future alts that I have to take through BfA content. I don’t wish him any harm, but he can go retire someplace and hang out with MOTHER washing void residue off of Azeroth or something.

It would be nice if Khadgar and Illidan reappeared in Azeroth someday. I know it’s more likely Khadgar would than Illidan, but you never know. At least I can still enjoy their presence when I do Draenor or Legion content and relive better days without Azerite, purple corruption, void creatures, and a crystal dwarf telling me we really need to get somewhere fast and then teleporting off without me.

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