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Yay! I’m a Flying Dinosaur!

Thanks mostly to running random dungeons, I got my Zandalari troll druid to 58 today, which automatically earned me his flight form! I love that druids can fly at 58 instead of 60 and the Zandalari flight form is definitely my new favorite! I admit that the last five levels running dungeons were kind of… Continue reading Yay! I’m a Flying Dinosaur!

gaming, Player perspective, Questing, Warcraft, Warcraft Druids, Warcraft Writing

A New Appreciation for Dungeons

Having gotten my night elf druid Dax to 120 a few weeks ago, I've been wanting to level my Zandalari druid Tjoko so I'd have a druid for both factions. But as Tjoko was only level 28 and the idea of doing content I've already done many times didn't appeal, I've been putting it off.… Continue reading A New Appreciation for Dungeons

gaming, Player perspective, Questing, Warcraft, Warcraft Writing

Zandalari trolls! At last!

Queen Talanji and my Zandalari druid. My Zandalari shaman listening to his queen. Yesterday was the day my oldest daughter and I had been waiting for since we first heard about Battle for Azeroth and the new playable race of Zandalari trolls. It was finally the day of the patch that would make the Zandalari… Continue reading Zandalari trolls! At last!