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Yay! I’m a Flying Dinosaur!

Thanks mostly to running random dungeons, I got my Zandalari troll druid to 58 today, which automatically earned me his flight form! I love that druids can fly at 58 instead of 60 and the Zandalari flight form is definitely my new favorite!

I admit that the last five levels running dungeons were kind of rough because I did several parts of Dire Maul, Stratholme, Scholomance, and a few other dungeons that I was already too familiar with. But it was a good learning experience, as in I don’t think I’ll be doing the 50s levels in random dungeons on other toons for a while…

Ever since Zandalari trolls became a playable race, I’ve loved everything about my druid Tjoko. I love the cat, bear, and on-land travel forms and I think the water form is the coolest looking aquatic form ever! I love being a sharkigator in the water.

Now I have the flying form finally and there’s so much more to love! The flight form stretches when idle and it can run along the ground in a cute wobble. Last time I checked, the storm crow and sentinel owl flight forms don’t run, they just fly low. I am quite impressed with the Zandalari druids overall and now that I’m a flying dino it feels like icing on the cake!

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