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A New Appreciation for Dungeons

Having gotten my night elf druid Dax to 120 a few weeks ago, I’ve been wanting to level my Zandalari druid Tjoko so I’d have a druid for both factions. But as Tjoko was only level 28 and the idea of doing content I’ve already done many times didn’t appeal, I’ve been putting it off.

Then last week, I decided I’d finally just suck it up and start leveling him. I decided to quest in Stranglethorn and when I got there I queued for a random dungeon because they give really good experience. I hadn’t been questing for very long when I got into the dungeon.

As it turned out, that dungeon was the first of four dungeons I did that night and I got five levels on him! All the groups I had were nice and no one got upset about anything silly. I’ve been running him in balance spec, which might seem a bit peculiar for a DPS druid, but I like playing him ranged with the Glyph of Stars so he’s just a sparkly version of himself. I somehow forget how big Zandalari are until I’m in a group and then I feel huge!

When I told my oldest daughter (who also plays Warcraft) about my experience with random dungeons, she reminded me that that’s how she’s leveling her Mag’har orc warrior. I’m not surprised my clever daughter figured this out before me. Since then, we’ve run our characters together through some dungeons and despite both of us messing up a few times, our groups have been great.

Prior to Legion, I hadn’t really run many dungeons. I’d have friends who would run me through dungeons for experience when that was something worthwhile, but otherwise I avoided dungeons. Then Legion came along and running dungeons was required for progressing through the content and I discovered that random groups can be a lot of fun. Sure, you get some unhappy sourpusses now and then, but for the most part, everyone’s just there to run the dungeon, get what they need, and get out.

I imagine eventually I might tire of running dungeons on Tjoko and other toons in need of leveling, but for now a lot of these dungeons are all new to me and I’m having fun. I think the dungeon finder was a clever way to get people to try something they haven’t before. I know it’s certainly sucked me in!

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