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Flying Bat Form at Last!

It took me probably longer than it should have to realize that the flight form for Darkspear troll druids is a bat. But once I did, I thought that sounded really cool. I actually find all of the troll forms interesting and am glad they have some uniqueness to them.

Now that I got Altarn to 80 and he’s in Mount Hyjal, I thought I’d switch back to my troll druid Zenkaya and see about getting her flying. It only took a few days to get her from 48 to 58 thanks to the ongoing experience bonus.

I did a few dungeons last night to get the last bit of experience I needed and then when I left the dungeon I was immediately in bat form because I’d been in travel form when I went in. I was so happy to be a bat!

I like bats in real life and had a colony of little brown bats living in my attic at one point. I’d watch them come out some evenings and at their peak, I counted over 30 bats. Unfortunately, I think the colony suffered some sort of illness or moved off because now I only have one or two bats around. Bats are amazing creatures and I’ve saved a few little brown bats in my life when they got into the wrong place or had a run in with a predator. They eat insects so I consider them very beneficial!

While my troll druid bat form doesn’t appear to eat insects, I’m sure she’d do a great job if she had to. I think the bat form works well for trolls and I look forward to getting the epic flight form because it’s much more colorful and detailed than the standard bat form. Yes, the bat form cold use an update, especially with the new bat forms in BfA, but any bat is better than none in my opinion.

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