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A Fierce, Footloose Flower

When I need to freshen up my perspective on World of Warcraft, I make a new character. Leveling characters is still one of the most enjoyable parts about WoW in my opinion, especially when they can’t seem to figure out how best to manage their current content and it causes myself and other players frustration. So to distract myself from some of the gated, grinding, and less than rewarding content of Shadowlands, I created a new female night elf druid.

I already have two druids in Warcraft, but they’re both males and I haven’t really been in the mood lately to play my male characters. I still love them, but I’m loving playing a female more because I am in fact a female. I like seeing aspects of myself in my female characters of various races and classes and as I didn’t yet have a female night elf druid, Srilium Shadeflower was born.

The name Srilium is an homage to the me that is “Sri” and the flower called trillium that grows in the woods around where I live. Trillium grow low to the ground and prefer partial shade. The trillium I know have three white petals with a yellow center and green leaves.

Srilium seemed like the perfect name for a night elf druid and I gave her a very pale appearance with light skin and white hair to mirror the white petals of the trillium flower. When I first created her, I gave her the Night Warrior eyes, but that didn’t really fit her aesthetic so I changed them to golden eyes to reflect the center of the trillium flower that is her namesake.

Srilium is young as night elves go and she was so eager to explore the world outside of night elf lands, she left without any boots on her feet. (In reality, I didn’t get boots on her until she was level 21 and thus that influenced her back story.) Srilium is kind and curious and loves to pick flowers. She dabbles in inscription but might explore alchemy later to see what concoctions she can mix up. Her love of picking flowers is very strong and she enjoys peace, but if you interfere with her flower and herb gathering, she will go feral and fight you if necessary.

The lands Srilium has explored outside of her night elf home seem sparsely inhabited and quiet. There’s plenty of wildlife for her to investigate and learn about but humanoids seem few and far between. When she ventures into dungeons to hone her battle skills as a balance druid, she meets new people very briefly but then as soon as she leaves, she’s on her own again. But Srilium doesn’t get lonely because she has a very close bond with nature and she stays connected to it by refusing to wear shoes.

Even when exploring cities with hard stone streets or treacherous areas that could harm her flesh, Srilium keeps her feet bare. She loves to feel the grass, dirt, water, stone, and whatever else she encounters against her skin. She figures if she can survive in cat or bear form with just her bare paw pads, she can do just as well in night elf form. Plus, if she does injure her feet, she just heals them and keeps going.

The hooves of her travel form are more than strong enough to handle the ground beneath her, but she usually rides her brightly-feathered silverwind larion when she has to cross great distances. She found the larion wandering in Elwynn Forest looking very lost and confused and she sadly discovered that the beautiful beast had lost his master. Srilium named the larion Moonfeather and they have been close companions ever since.

While Srilium may be naive about some aspects of the world outside her night elf home, she is a fierce and competent fighter. She grew up sparring in feral form with her friends and has a scar on the lower right side of her face from where she and a friend fought a bit too fiercely in feral form. Her family was upset by the injury and Srilium’s friend was distraught from causing her harm, but the kind druid put them all at ease by healing quickly and encouraging forgiveness above all.

Srilium usually prefers to keep her distance in a fight, choosing to assume a celestial form to hurl moonfire and sunfire at her enemies. She tried to fight in moonkin form but became too distracted by her own feathers and the unfamiliarity of the form to continue using it. Thus she learned inscription to obtain the Glyph of Stars to maintain her night elf form in a more transparent appearance. She does however sometimes forget to assume the altered moonkin form while fighting, but she’s working to improve her memory.

If the occasion calls for it, Srilium will assume her feral form to prowl safely out of sight or to fend off an enemy that has grown too close to her or an ally or friend. Her feral claws are capable of impressive damage but the memory of the fight gone awry with her friend makes her cautious of remaining feral for too long.

Most important of all, Srilium seeks to have fun and continue exploring the world around her. She loves the sound of laughter, making people happy, and finding moments of quiet time when necessary. She is outgoing and bold and will rush to a friend’s defense even if it’s not the most advisable course of action. Srilium has a lot to learn and I’m excited to accompany her on her many journeys.

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