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Big Paws to Fill

When I first started leveling Srilium, I used mainly feral or balance spec because I was playing solo and mobs weren’t too hard to deal with. But as I progressed into the more challenging content of Draenor, I switched to protection/bear spec to take down mobs faster and have greater survivability. As Srilium is far from my first druid, I’m very familiar with the different specs and played bear quite extensively on my male night elf druid Daxienn as I leveled him.

As far as Srilium’s personality goes, she was not expecting to have to become a big, glowing bear and thought she could survive just fine as feral or balance. But she eventually learned how wrong she was and realized that she had some rather big paws to fill as she learned what being a protection druid involved. Aside from protecting herself, Srilium wants more than anything to protect, defend, and fight along her good friend, Jackorueth Shadowstorm, a void elf rogue.

Awesome screenie by Jack!

Jackorueth is of course another character belonging to my Warcraft friend Jack who I have teamed up with quite a lot. I actually created Srilium becuase I was “inspired” by the many times he and I encountered a druid and rogue combo in PVP and lost to them on my blood elf paladin and his blood elf mage. A tough-furred bear with heals (that can also turn into a cat and stealth) and a rogue that can stealth and strike from the shadows make a formidable duo!

One of the best parts of questing and leveling with Jack is that it’s fun and fast. We know the Draenor routine pretty well, ie he points me to the bonus objectives because I always forget and we get the sweet experience from completing them. We didn’t stay in Draenor all the way until level 50 this time though. Instead we journeyed to The Broken Isles to battle the Legion and do a bit of our class hall quests. The druid class hall of the Dreamgrove is one of my favorite class halls, as is the rogue class hall with its secret door entrances hidden around Dalaran.

It didn’t take Jack and I long to progress enough through Legion to reach level 48 and then head to the Maw (groan) and ultimately Shadowlands.

One of my new favorite screenies made by Jack!

I’ve never started a toon in the Shadowlands at level 48, I usually wait until level 50, so I got squished more than I expected on some of the Maw intro quests. But being a druid in the Maw is awesome! I can use travel form and move quickly, which is very handy because Jack already has a mount that works in the Maw.

Thanks to druid and rogue speed, we swiftly made it through the Maw and into Bastion and started our journey there together.

Our progress in Bastion has gotten a bit stalled of late due to schedules and sleep troubles (ironic for a druid really) but I’m sure Jackorueth and Srilium will get back on track soon and Srilium will continue doing her best to fill her very big paws and use them to take down enemies swiftly, if a bit chaotically.

In the meantime, Srilium can just do what druids do best and take a nap until she’s needed again.

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