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Spikes of Happiness

Ever since my blood elf paladin Resora joined the Venthyr and I saw the armor appearances, I knew I had to get the Mantle of Crimson Blades, or what I call the Venthyr back spikes. But when I saw what anima, grateful offerings, and Renown level were required to purchase them, I knew they were a long way off.

Regardless, I worked towards those spikes by fighting a big bat countless times and walking along floating sinstones to earn grateful offerings. I would earn anima and spend it on other things because I knew Renown level 34 was a long way off and I’d have plenty of time to get what I needed by then.

I was closing in on Renown level 34, had all the grateful offerings I needed, and had almost enough anima for the spikes when a mis-click set me back. I meant to click on deposit anima, but instead clicked on upgrade mirror network and spent almost all the anima I’d saved up for the spikes. I was so upset with myself!

Fortunately, I was cheered up by questing with a couple friends that night and by the end of that, I was confident I could re-earn the anima needed before too long.

Sure enough, through the weekly quests, world quests, and doing three out of the four wings of Castle Nathria in LFR, I finally replenished my anima and was able to buy my spikes!

The spikes were the last thing I wanted from the Venthyr/Ravendreth area as I’d already bought my sinrunner mount and my gargoyle pet.

I was so happy to have achieved something I set out to do way back when I started Resora in the Shadowlands. I think the blades look awesome with my Venthyr tabard themed mog and I now call them my Spikes of Happiness!

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