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The Long Awaited Lunarwing Form

When I got my night elf druid Dax to 120, I knew it was time to finally finish the druid campaign from Legion. I’d been stuck on the quest to get the healing artifact for quite some time but figured at 120 with benthic armor, fighting the big, bad demon and keeping my fellow druids healed would no longer pose a problem. Fortunately, I was right!

With that obstacle out of the way, I could finish up the druid campaign and make progress on the Breaching the Tomb achievement which would then unlock the quests for the druid class mount, the lovely Lunarwing. It took me a few days of questing through Legion because some of the quests were gated behind mission board quests and such, but at long last, the Lunarwing quest giver appeared to me on the Broken Shore.

I progressed through the class mount quests with ease at 120 with my benthic gear, although not having the dreamwalk spell work correctly was a slight annoyance.

I also appreciated the nod to the show Firefly with the quest called “You can’t take the sky from me” which is a quote from the title song for what was one of my favorite shows. I love that Warcraft writers are geeks like me. šŸ˜‰

I enjoyed doing the guests and helping my fellow druids. Despite how easily I worked through them, I still felt like I earned the Lunarwing form in the end. After all, I’d wanted it since I first saw it so I’d waited quite some time to get my druid paws on it.

I had glyphs to change my flight form from the stormcrow into a sentinel owl, so I had to remove those in order to transform into the Lunarwing form. I happily did so and was off soaring in the new beautiful flight form of the druids!

I’ve read some complaints online about the noises the flight form makes, but I like the sounds as it gives the form more character and personality. The ability to change into different animal forms is one of my favorite parts of being a druid and I think Blizzard did well with the creation of the druid class mount. Plus, it has the nice bonus of being ridable, which will come in handy for flying my daughter’s characters around when needed.

As Dax has become my Alliance “main” for Visions of N’Zoth, I’ve been flying Lunarwing form all over the purple and non-purple areas and enjoying the nice druid perk of being able to gather things while remaining in flight form.

The corruption effect looked somewhat cool on the Lunarwing, but I was happy to get rid of it last night after getting the required currency and talking to MOTHER. Corrupted items might offer perks, but the purple swirly is too much for me and if I want that, I’ll play one of my void priests or void elves.

I have quite a bit of catching up to do on Dax to get him up to snuff for Visions of N’Zoth, but I don’t mind because I’ll be doing it amid the gorgeous feathers of the Lunarwing!

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