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Visions of Nope

When the latest patch came out, Visions of Ny’alotha, I was somewhat curious about it but not overly excited that its biggest reward seemed to be a cloak. Plus, the idea of having corrupted items that caused damage to my characters while wearing them didn’t appeal. But I gave it a shot on my blood elf hunter Sriset and my night elf druid Daxienn to see what it was all about. It didn’t take me long to realize that the content really wasn’t for me. I have great respect for those players who continue to do it and enjoy it, but it’s just not my thing.

I’d mostly forgotten about doing any of the Visions of Ny’alotha content because I’d been leveling lower level characters, but then my blood elf paladin Sol got a nice armor upgrade that was corrupted. I’d started the Visions quests on her and hadn’t gotten very far but I figured I’d give it another shot so I could get corrupted mementos to cleanse the armor.

It took me almost two hours to do all the quests necessary to finally earn the corrupted mementos I needed. I only needed five and completing the quests rewarded 100 so I knew I’d be set for a while. I don’t think I enjoyed much of those two hours and my least favorite past is the whole battle to protect the Chamber of the Heart. Sol was less well geared than Sri or Dax and she died at least a couple times.

When I was all done with that and could finally cleanse her armor piece, my conclusion was that Visions of Ny’alotha were a big old Visions of Nope for me! As in I had no desire to do those quests again or continue those quests with all their corruption and purple void and faceless horrors, etc.

The fates must’ve heard my grumbling and decided to have a bit of fun with me because the next time I played my night elf rogue Syaine, she acquired a sweet dagger upgrade that I’d needed for a long time.

But of course the dagger was corrupted. *insert groan and then sobbing here*

So off I went on Syaine through the quests to acquire the cloak and the corrupted mementos needed to cleanse the dagger. Fortunately, she was able to skip a few parts and that helped a little but not much. I finished up the quests today and died at least three times defending the Chamber even though she’s one of my best geared characters! I’d love to be able to skip that whole scenario and the repair bill that comes with it, but no such luck.

Needless to say, I’ve now learned my lesson and won’t be taking any more characters through the Visions of Nope content. The gear will quickly become obsolete when the next expansion comes out and the cloak might go away, so I’ll just play my 120s through other content or play my lower level toons. I’ll leave Visions of Ny’alotha for players who know what they’re doing.

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