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A Very Welcome Skip

When I started playing my fresh level 50 blood elf priest Srirajah through the pre-patch event, I felt like something was missing. I'd leveled her a bit solo in Pandaria but mostly teamed up in Draenor with friends, so the experience of leveling her was quite unique compared to toons I'd leveled in the past.… Continue reading A Very Welcome Skip

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Locking in the Sri-ness

For a while now I've been considering changing my lock Salxi's name to Srixi because the Strawberry raid group knows me as Sri and it just seemed confusing when I was playing Salxi. In truth, very few of my characters have a Sri-themed name because I'm Sri no matter what my character's name is. However,… Continue reading Locking in the Sri-ness

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A Good Scrub Can Go a Long Way

While I may sometimes feel that I'll never quite get certain parts of the game right, I don't consider myself forever a noob. I'd never done that dungeon before but we'd all purposely chosen to queue for a dungeon with a random group of people that may or may not know the dungeon, so calling me a scrub seemed unnecessary. But I know that there are unkind people in the game and in the world and that that will never change. I certainly won't let it change how I act either.

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Tired of Purple, Time for New Pets!

After doing the content in Visions of N'zoth for a while, the bugs and the purple just became too much. I'll probably still play through some of the content but there's not really much motivation to do so. When I was grinding in Nazjatar and Mechagon, it was to unlock flying. When I was grinding… Continue reading Tired of Purple, Time for New Pets!

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When the Death Knight Takes Over

A couple weeks ago I finally started working on the death knight video I'd been planning since I heard the song "Running Out of Love" by Tom Caio on Epidemic Sound. A song with love in the title might seem like an odd choice for a video featuring an undead character but the lyrics said… Continue reading When the Death Knight Takes Over