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Level Another Druid? Sure, why not!

Having gotten my Zandalari druid into the 60s and gaining his awesome flying dinosaur form, I decided I’d work on leveling my worgen druid through dungeons next. I’d made several worgen druids before finally settling on my latest one named Altarn. I love both his feline form coloring and his worgen coloring so I’m definitely going to keep him.

I love all my druids of course, but there’s something especially cool about worgen druids. Maybe it’s the way their feline forms are slightly canine or their gravely voices even in druid form. Whatever it is, they’re definitely a fun race and class combination to level.

Thanks to the anniversary bonus, heirlooms, and gathering professions, Altarn was the first worgen I’ve gotten to 20 before leaving Gilneas. Mind you, it was just as he was about to board the boat to leave, but it still counts.

That also means I got him to 18 before leaving and that got me travel form in time for the battle of Gilneas. I daresay it was fun charging into Gilneas in stag form while everyone else ran on feet or paws.

I also already had travel form while hiding in the water of the cathedral which meant I didn’t have to worry about holding my breath because I just transformed into a sea creature.

Altarn already had a lot of first under his belt before leaving Gilneas, so it seems only right that I continue leveling him and make him my first worgen druid to get to 60 and so on.

When I started running Altarn through random dungeons, I did him in the balance spec because that’s what I’d used on Tjoko. But it just didn’t feel right doing that spec on a worgen, so I switched him to feral. It just seems to me that a worgen druid would want to be right in the fight, not shooting pretty moon and sunbeams from a distance.

Thanks to running dungeons and the continued bonuses from the anniversary and heirlooms, I got Altarn to 40 in what felt like no time! Aside from a few bad runs, I’ve had good groups in random dungeons and even received some gear upgrades and new appearances.

However, running dungeons can become a bit much after a while, so I’ve given him a bit of a break to build up rest experience while I play some of my numerous other toons. Even so, I look forward to getting him to 58 and flying in the near future and securing his permanent place in my trio of druids.

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