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Raptors, Rowdiness, Rumbles, Robes, and Resora

For reasons I no longer remember, I made a second female blood elf paladin on Ravencrest many moons ago. Her name is Resora now, which was not her original name, but I’ve since forgotten her original name. There have been a few times I thought about deleting her because it seemed silly having Solunai and her on the same realm, but I love pallies too much to do that so I kept her around.

The customizations available with the pre-pre-patch helped me breathe new life into Resora with a very drastic makeover and I found new motivation to return to playing her. I modeled her look after the Sunfire Elves of The Dragon Prince cartoon and she’s been tons of fun to play!

I got Resora within a few levels of 50 and then got distracted with other alts and she returned to the back burner for a while. Then a few nights ago some of the Strawberries got together to level alts, so I dusted off Res and joined the fun! The “leveling” the group did that night was more coolness leveling than actual experience leveling but it was an awesome time!

After the pool party ended, I teamed up with fearless leader B on his belf mage to do questing in Azshara. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that zone and I forgot how the goblins just keep dishing out quests! Goblin quests are unique and peculiar and babysitting/being eaten by baby raptors was definitely one of the highlights.

I think we got Resora to 47 or 48 and his mage high enough for faster riding that night before we both logged for the evening. I wasn’t sure if/when I’d have the motivation to get those last few levels, but as it turned out, this past Saturday was the day! I got home from groceries and visiting my mom and played around on a few alts before asking if any of the Strawberries had alts they wanted to level. B said he did and made me be the decisive one so I said we should do Azshara some more on the pally and mage team-up.

We continued on with the Azshara quests and some of them were a bit gross, as goblin quests can be, but it was still a fun afternoon of adventures. I’m not known to read quest text and apparently neither is B so we made some amusing mistakes along the way. Resora also still had relatively small bags so I had to empty them every other quest with my yak and often fix my mog out of vanity.

After countless goblin quests, random Horde quests, and pretending to be mages quests (although B actually was one) I finally got Resora to the max level of 50! B got his mage to level 27 and then later took him to 30 for flying, which made me quite happy! He said it was his highest level mage and while I’m no mage pro myself, I’m all about having maxed toons of all classes. 😉 I will eventually move Resora to a different realm to spread the pally love around, but she’s good where she is for now.

Upon hitting 50, I was of course annoyingly transported back to Orgrimmar by Chromie, leaving B behind. I then tried to rez a player I found and failed, so I guess Resora’s pally skills still need some work…

Now that I have two level 50 blood elf pallies, I’m not sure which one I’ll be taking into Shadowlands first. What I am sure of though is that I wouldn’t have maxed Resora without the fun questing with the Strawberries and B for those last few levels. It was nice being reminded once again that I don’t have to adventure alone if I don’t want to and that even people I idolize and consider cooler than me are just imperfect beings too and there’s nothing wrong with that!

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