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Warcraft Mages: Squishy, Flashy, and Very Portable

When the Love is in the Air event started in Warcraft, I decided I wanted to work towards being able to buy the lovely hearthstone this year. I did some of the quests on a couple different toons and then realized the best one to do all the dailies on was my mage, Lindrastra. Why? Because she’s a mage and can teleport wherever she needs to go. However, her being a mage is also a bit of a downside because I’d forgotten just how squishy mages are.

Obviously cloth-wearing spell-casters tend to be squishier than their mail and plate wearing counterparts, but from what I’ve seen they differ from priests and warlocks in major ways. Priests have the shadow spec which seems to pack quite a punch, plus they can heal themselves as needed. Warlocks have demonic minions, can suck the life out of their opponents, and have some pretty powerful spells.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think mages can pack a power punch too with their spells, but they don’t have the shadows to bolster them or demons to back them up. Frost spec can summon a water elemental, arcane has a talent to summon an arcane familiar, but fire doesn’t have any backup. Fire is my favorite mage spec because it’s so flashy and cast in the right sequence, the spells can be deadly. Unfortunately, if I don’t cast fast enough or correctly, my mage is the one who’s dead.

I hadn’t played Lindrastra against any enemies in quite some time, but when I got onto her to do the Love is in the Air quests, I realized she was well on her way to completing the Breaching the Tomb achievement and being able to obtain the class mount quest afterwards. So amid the event quests, I took my level 114 mage back to Legion to do the required quests there. I kept her in fire spec because that well pretty effective against the lower level baddies on the Broken Isles and Broken Shore. Plus, I loved being able to obliterate things in flames.

Playing in the Legion areas gave me a false sense of confidence in my mage abilities though because when I went to fight the Crown Chemical Company enemies near Shadowfang Keep, Lin died rather quickly and often. I eventually figured out to switch her to arcane which seemed to be more effective against them, but I was regularly reminded of her squishy-ness.

Fortunately, I had very little trouble completing Breaching the Tomb over a few days of playing and then did the mage class mount quests in one evening. When I’d first seen the Archmage’s Prismatic Disc as the mage mount, I wasn’t overly impressed by a flying frisbee, but once I finally got it, I loved it! I love quiet mounts and the disc makes practically zero noise Plus, my mages riding it look rather fierce and intimidating, frisbee or not.

I actually didn’t even realize the disc changed appearances until I tried my frost spec lightforged draenei mage Caruun on it and I thought he looked rather dashing on it. He’s only level 40 and doesn’t have flying yet, but even just skimming along the ground, the disk looks cool, pun intended.

I finally earned enough love tokens on Lin the other night to purchase the lovely hearthstone and I’m so happy I finally have it! I think each character I have brings their own charm to it and thus far my Zandalari boys pull it off rather handsomely.

Having achieved what I wanted to on Lin, I decided to resume questing her in the Battle for Azeroth areas and it’s been a struggle. I admit that I’m not a pro when it comes to playing mage and I really wish I’d leveled her during the Korrak’s Revenge battleground with the 15th Anniversary bonus. Hindsight it 20/20 though and I’ve nothing to do now but keep moving forward. Although I might put her on the back burner again until she can burn with fire mage flare through some new content in Shadowlands.

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