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A Very Welcome Skip

When I started playing my fresh level 50 blood elf priest Srirajah through the pre-patch event, I felt like something was missing. I’d leveled her a bit solo in Pandaria but mostly teamed up in Draenor with friends, so the experience of leveling her was quite unique compared to toons I’d leveled in the past. Especially since I played her mostly in discipline spec and not shadow like my previous priest.

It didn’t dawn on me until a couple days ago what was missing in my experience with Srirajah, and that was that she hadn’t done any Battle for Azeroth content to reach current max level. It was a very happy realization that I’d been able to skip all that because I’ve already leveled several toons through bfa and I needed a break. I’ll undoubtedly revisit bfa with the Strawberries now and then, but once Shadowlands releases, new content will be my main focus.

Although the Shadowlands pre-patch event has been underwhelming so far, it’s been a very freeing experience being to jump right into it without dealing with Magni, the Heart of Azeroth, Wrathion and his cloak, N’Zoth’s purple-ness, and so on. While I was hoping for more from the pre-patch than farming rares for drops and collecting scourgestones for gear upgrades, it’s still better than dealing with the faction war, running visions, and gathering Azerite.

I’ve been teaming up with my buddy Jack to do the pre-patch stuff and having a friend along makes it much more enjoyable! I don’t know that I would’ve gotten Srirajah to 50 as quickly as I did without Jack and his leveling expertise. I consider him a Warcraft guru at this point and he’s been extremely helpful by answering my questions (of which I always have a lot) and giving me tips on potions to get, places to go, and so on. He’s been very helpful to all the Strawberries and I know we’re all happy to have him with us! Jack has my undying gratitude for all he’s done for me and everyone else and I wish for him to get all the bags, mounts, gear, bonuses, and whatever else comes out of the pre-patch event and on into Shadowlands!

When I’m not doing the pre-patch event, I’m still leveling up other toons such as my second blood elf paladin, void elf priest, and void elf mage. I often team up with Jack to do that or other members of the Strawberries if they’re available. It’s really nice to know that I don’t have to necessarily do things alone and that if I’m struggling in the game or real life, I’ve got friends I can reach out to. So while the pre-patch might be underwhelming so far, the relationships I’ve built with my Warcraft family always overwhelm me with gratitude, happiness, and optimism.

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