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Locking in the Sri-ness

For a while now I’ve been considering changing my lock Salxi’s name to Srixi because the Strawberry raid group knows me as Sri and it just seemed confusing when I was playing Salxi. In truth, very few of my characters have a Sri-themed name because I’m Sri no matter what my character’s name is. However, as my female blood elf warlock is the toon I’ll be playing in the Nya raid and any future raids with the Strawberries, it just felt right to change her name to Srixi.

Although it took me a while to figure out, I really think my warlock is the best fit for me in raid. She has lock rocks, she can summon people, and thanks to the instructions from a fellow Strawberry, she can finally do the lock teleport ability correctly! I never really understood how teleport worked and I was too embarrassed/shy to ask because I’ve been playing lock for 12 years and should’ve figured it out by now. But it really just took the understanding and patience of the Strawberry group for me to finally learn how to do it and for that, I’m eternally grateful!

While I changed my 120 lock’s name to Srixi, I also recreated Salxi on another server as a level one lock. Salxi already has a backstory and I’ve written fanfiction about her and I just couldn’t let her disappear. I probably won’t be playing reincarnated Salxi until Shadowlands comes out and I think it will be fun to relearn warlock in a new expansion. Plus, my “lore” for Salxi is that she’s a demonology warlock and my raid lock is affliction, so the change of name also gives me the freedom to return Salxi to her roots, as it were.

Along with the freedom to return Salxi to her origins, I also now have the freedom to create a whole new story and personality for Srixi. While Salxi prefers pants and shirts, perhaps Srixi doesn’t mind robes. Salxi strives to be taken seriously and has a strong bond with her demons, but maybe Srixi is a bit more fun loving and sees her felhunter demon as more of a pet dog. Srixi is more carefree and less worried about how others perceive her and her warlock ways and I find that rather appealing.

I have a fresh look in mind for Srixi in Shadowlands that’s a bit more fun and fancy-free than Salxi’s look. I can only make some of the changes now in BfA but it’s a step in the right direction and will help me differentiate the two locks. Mind you, I’ll be confused for a while because Srixi’s demons all have the names I know as Salxi’s demons, but I’ll adjust eventually. Thank goodness for “old age” forgetfulness. 😉

Current Srixi.
Shadowlands Srixi.

I think the name change and slight personality adjustments for my raiding blood elf warlock will be a good way to refresh my dedication to the character and to trying to get her as geared as possible for raid. I don’t know how much longer the Strawberry group will be doing the Nya raid but I do hope eventually we’ll be raiding in Shadowlands so we can all stay up to date and not lose how well we work together. Even without raiding though, I know we’ll continue to be a Warcraft family and adjust to all the upcoming changes with our usual fun and flair!

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