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Sri-easonal Changes

Recently, I decided I needed to majorly switch things up to make playing World of Warcraft fun for me again. While I enjoy playing my blood elf paladin Resora, I’ve got her as geared as she’s going to get, I’m not interested in continuing to push mythics, and she’s good where she is. I’ll still play her for raid and periodic dungeons, but she tends to be a more “serious” character and I was looking for fun.

So I realized the best way to bring in more the fun was to go back to playing my blood elf hunter Sriset. She was my very first character ever created in the game and sometimes you need to go back to the beginning to get a fresh perspective. Sriset is fun-loving, accident prone, impulsive, brash, and not afraid to try anything at least once. She’s also very changeable and random and it was way past time I brought that element of Sri-seasonal changes back into play.

When I first created Sriset, she was blond. Through the years of playing her, I’ve changed her hair color and style a few times until I settled on the new, more true brown hair color introduced in the customization options.

But then this week’s mog theme for the mythic fun run with my Tatos Reborn friends was “villains” and I decided to go with Sylvanas. Becoming Sylvanas is tricky because I can’t give Sriset red eyes or blue skin, but I did change her hair color and style and the new look grew on my quite fast. I also felt like the new appearance required a skeletal pet and thus went to Maldraxxus and killed Ol’Bighead three times before the Simple Tome of Bone-Binding dropped. I then went to Atal’Dazar and tamed a reanimated ravasaur for my pet and named him Vertebreak, a name given to me by my Transformer-loving youngest daughter.

I spent the rest of the night in that appearance and continued the Night Fae quest resembling Sylvanas. I called my persona Srivanas Windtripper because Sriset would be more apt to trip in the wind that run in it and she’s definitely not as prone to mood swings as a certain banshee queen. It was a bit awkward summoning Vol’jin’s spirit in my Srivanas persona and appearance, but I explained the situation and he seemed mostly okay with it. I think having giant toad Spongecake with me helped convince him I was good people.

The next evening when I played Warcraft, I decided it was already time for a new look for Sriset. Being Srivanas was fun, but I wanted to switch things up a bit. So I did a new mog I call naga themed and changed her hair color and hair style again. I’ll always keep her face the same and for now her eye color is the same. I’d only change her eye color temporarily to suit a mog theme because I like her golden gaze.

Once Sriset was in the new mog and appearance, I decided it was time for her to get some new pets. I had mistakenly believed that taming cloud serpents required her having exalted rep with that faction, but since my lock earned exalted years ago, and could buy and learn the book, my hunter could tame cloud serpents! I whooped for joy when I tamed my first cloud serpent last night because I’ve wanted them to be tamable since the moment I first saw them. It was also therapeutic making them submissive after they’d electrocuted my butt on numerous occasions.

I tamed one of the onyx warserpents present during the Mogu Assault in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and then went into Shado-Pan Monastery Dungeon to tame the second one right out of the paws of the first boss in the dungeon. I feigned death to reset the boss and tamed two of that particular cloud serpent in case I want a matching pair at some point. I named the onyx one Thunder and the azure one from the dungeon Lightning. After some stable rearranging and talent selection changes, I summoned them both for some screenshots and Narcissus pictures.

I don’t know how often I’ll be changing Sriset’s appearance and pets, but I do know it will be much more frequently than I’ve done in the past. I’m not sure exactly why I was so content to “settle” on one particular hair color for her for as long as I did. Sriset is not the settling type, she’s wild and carefree. Plus, remembering that aspect of her gave me new insight into the dynamic between her and her night elf druid mate Daxienn. After all, he can change into different animals, so it just makes sense that he’d be drawn to the changeable appearance and unpredictable nature of Sriset.

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