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Ascended Again

I completed the Kyrian campaign on my draenei shaman Fiadeya today. It’s the second time I’ve completed the Kyrian campaign, the first time was on my blood elf priest Srirajah. So now I’ve done it both Horde and Alliance side. I didn’t notice any difference between the factions but that’s fine. I did it twice because I like the Kyrian and Bastion.

I’m very happy I chose Kyrian for my goatem Fiadeya and I think it suits her personality well. Doing the campaign on a more durable shaman instead of a squishy priest was enjoyable and I really like the mail armor and weapons for Kyrian. Thanks to LFR for Castle Nathria and completing the campaign, she now has a lovely Kyrian dagger and shield. Fiadeya is definitely my Alliance side main now, something I never would’ve believed a few months ago when the shaman class was still a mystery to me.

I have recently thought up more backstory for Fiadeya that parallels my own life somewhat because I feel that she’s a lot like me. I will expand on that backstory later, but suffice it to say that I’m well invested in my jewel adorned draenei who loves turning into a spirit puppers whenever possible.

While my progress and abilities as a retribution paladin have improved immensely and been recognized by others on my blood elf pally Resora, I don’t know that anyone will ever say I’m an amazing elemental or enhancement shaman on Fiadeya. I seem to get myself into accidental trouble in dungeons a lot on my goatem but I’m thankful my friends are understanding about that. Regardless, I’m loving playing Fia solo and in groups and I look forward to achieving great things on her.

Fiadeya may be the second character of mine to ascend into the Kyrian, but she’s going to do a lot more with the Covenant than Srirajah ever will. Srirajah will be going in a different direction and embracing a new destiny, but she definitely followed the path and led the way for Fiadeya. My goatem has a good head on her shoulders and strong hooves to carry her along and there’s nothing she can’t do when she puts her mind, totems, and elementals to it!

2 thoughts on “Ascended Again”

  1. I originally chose Kyrian for my Mootem (Tauren shammy, was just playing with your Goatem term). It’s a neat playstyle. With some of the changes coming to the player power in 9.0.5, that vesper totem is going to be a nifty little bonus for both heals and damage.

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    1. Mootem is a good term! Yes, I’m looking forward to the changes in the next patch for shammies overall. I liked Kyrian because I know what to do with totems, the other Covenants and their abilities didn’t seem to be as good a fit for Fiadeya.

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