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Tired of Purple, Time for New Pets!

After doing the content in Visions of N’zoth for a while, the bugs and the purple just became too much. I’ll probably still play through some of the content but there’s not really much motivation to do so.

When I was grinding in Nazjatar and Mechagon, it was to unlock flying. When I was grinding on Argus in Legion it was to unlock new races. But grinding Visions of N’zoth will get me what? A cloak that will be downgraded when the next expansion comes out and gear that’s full of corruption. Hmm, no thanks.

Thankfully, just when I was feeling disillusioned by purple and bugs, Blizzard made a whole bunch of new pets tamable! I was immediately reminded why I created a hunter as my first toon and why I still love hunters so much. I love having the ability to tame the amazing creatures I encounter on the various areas in World of Warcraft.

The new tamable pets that most intrigued me were the dread rocs and dread ravens. I’d wanted to tame the blue dread rocs in Highmountain since I first saw them and at last I finally could! I also really liked the appearance of the fiery red dread raven and once I read it was a boss in Skyreach dungeon (highly solo-able on my 120 belf hunter Sri) I knew I had to get him.

Didn’t take me long to get to him and I happily tamed him and left the dungeon.

Next I was off to Highmountain to tame a blue dread roc, aka Fleshrender Roc.

The blue dread roc didn’t exactly match my dread raven mount but I still thought they looked good together. I can always go get a blue dread raven if I want…

After acquiring my new feathered pets, I decided to go after a feline pet, namely Naroua in Krokuun on Argus. He was up as a world boss so I made my way to him and easily tamed him. Although he did sort of squish me. Thankfully he didn’t require any special food or traps, just a normal tame.

I’m glad I tamed him and saved him the fate he’d obviously suffered numerous times already that day.

I then headed to Pandaria with the intention of taming a flying armored quilen in the Throne of Thunder raid. Due to the whole Visions of N’Zoth nightmare, I had to go back in time and then I couldn’t find the portal to the Isle of Thunder and had to go back and forth a few times until I got in sync. It didn’t increase my love for all the purple void and ooze at all.

Before I headed to the raid, I tamed a painted stag that reminded me of Sriset’s night elf druid mate Dax and thus named the stag Daxienn.

I then made my way to the Throne of Thunder and kept going, and going, and going, and…you get my point. Until I finally reached the room with Dam’ren. He’s actually the mount of the boss so I tamed him right out from under the bad guy. Now that was fun!

Even so, I won’t be heading back into that raid anytime soon because even being able to one-shot things, it’s too time-consuming. There is an armored direhorn I want in that raide, but he’s early on and I can’t go back in until the raid resets, which is tomorrow matter of fact!

I also headed to the Isle of Giants to tame some dinos because I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. They all tried to stomp on me, but I eventually won them over.

Overall I had a ball taming new pets and it helped me remember why I love being a hunter in World of Warcraft, and honestly, why I love World of Warcraft like I do. Visions of N’Zoth might not be my thing, but there’s plenty of other stuff I can do in the game. Including make a new night elf demon hunter to hang out with some friends in Suramar. But that’s a story for another day…

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