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Fresh Purple Demon Hunter with a Fun Purpose

It’s very common for me to have several toons of the same class. I have multiple hunters, warriors, death knights, druids, etc. However, up until recently I only had two demon hunters, a male blood elf and a male night elf.

Then when I started playing on the US realm of Suramar a while ago I decided I needed a higher level alliance toon there. I’d realm transfered my 110+ blood elf DK Rip over from Ravencrest, and with her she brought my guild, Rawr Flex. Having higher level toons on a realm allows me to make gold faster and distribute it to my lower level toons.

A new demon hunter was the logical choice for a high level toon since they start at 98 and level fast from there. So I made a female night elf DH named Svelara. She was actually the second incarnation of that particular toon but who she’d been on the other realm was long gone. As far as the lore of my Warcraft characters go, she’s the older sister of my druid Dax. The siblings share the same white hair and dark skin.

Speaking of dark skin, I created Svelara with the darkest demon hunter skin possible and I gave her the pinkish purple tattoos. The resulting appearance is reminiscent of all the void swirly nonsense from N’Zoth but in a much prettier package.

I created Svelara several weeks ago but hadn’t played her yet so she still needed to go through the starter quests for demon hunters. I knew I’d find a reason to play her eventually and sure enough I did! The reason came in the form of a gathering in Suramar organized by some fellow Warcraft players on Twitter.

The gathering was open to Horde and Alliance players so I certainly could have gone on my 120 level DK Rip, but as Rip had attended the previous gathering hosted by the Warcraft Twitter friends, I decided I needed to take someone else. Thus, it was finally time to play Svelara!

I hadn’t played through the opening demon hunter quests in a couple years and some parts were harder than I remember but I still enjoyed the experience and was reminded why I loved Legion so much. I used my past experience from my other demon hunters to side with Altruis the Sufferer (I find him less annoying as a combat ally) and switched to the tank spec as soon as I could because I know it well.

The morning of the planned afternoon event in Suramar on the realm of Suramar, I got Sverlara through the introductory quests and to Dalaran. I chose a mog for her that I thought worked well with her dark purple skin and topped it off with a permanent flower crown from the Lunar Festival.

So what about the event that I went to all this “work” for? Well, it was a blast! I took 123 screenshots total, but I’ll only share a few and not names just in case they’d prefer to remain incognito. I couldn’t stay long because I had to go pick up my daughters but it was fun hanging out in game with other people who love World of Warcraft.

The gathering in Suramar reminded me of my early days in Warcraft when I was part of an active guild that ran dungeons, chatted, and just got together to help people with quests.

I appreciate Warcraft for its social aspects even if it’s not quite as “close knit” as it used to be. These gatherings organized by my fellow Warcraft players are a great way to get back to that, even if it’s just to hang out and dance, play with toys, and chat. It’s still possible to create friendships in Warcraft and it’s a wonderful thing when it happens!

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