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Flower Crown Sass with Mount Hyjal Last

When I learned that there were quests to make the Lunar Festival’s flower crowns permanently transmogrifiable, I was very happy! I usually hide the helm on my toons, but I love the flowers so I was excited to have a helm appearance that I could enjoy all the time.

I bought two of the crowns last year after collecting enough coins of ancestry on my blood elf mage, Lin, but didn’t have the other two yet. As I was playing my DK Rip at the time, I decided to start the crown quests on her. I went to Moonglade and picked up the Lunar Preservation quest from Myrael Lunarbloom. The quest required visiting various moonwells to charge the Staff of Moonflowers, so I started with the moonwell right in Moonglade.

I then flew Rip to Ashenvale for the two moonwells there, then Felwood, then Mount Hyjal. I then proceeded to Feralas and was very dismayed to discover that I couldn’t charge the staff in that moonwell. Knowing that I can usually find an answer to such an issue via a Google search, I put in my issue and sure enough, posts from Blizzard forums and Wowhead popped up talking about a bug with the quest.

My DK Rip happy about her flower crown.

It turns out that if you don’t save the Mount Hyjal quest for last, then any moonwells you do after visiting it won’t work. There’s various theories online as to why this is, but it seems like a bug that Blizzard should fix at some point. I revisited the quest giver, but as far as I could tell, she didn’t give a particular order to visit the moonwells, so without the online helpers, I never would’ve known.

As I would have had to start the quest with the Staff of Moonflowers over anyway, I decided to switch to my blood elf mage Lin again because she gets around Azeroth so much faster with her teleporting. I then visited the moonwells in the order described by the helper below because it had worked for them, so I figured it’d work for me. And it did!

Once the staff was fully charged, I returned to the quest giver in the Moonglade and she gave me 25 coins of ancestry which is enough to buy another crown. She also gave me quests for the two crowns I’d bought last year. I bought a third crown and went back to her and she had a quest for that crown too. Armed with three crown quests and a plan to get another 25 coins of ancestry for the last crown, Lin set out teleporting around Azeroth in search of flowers.

Now I ported all over the place in no particular order, just where the quest showed me where to go on the map. However, I’ve found some helpful suggestions from people online as to what order to go in. See below if you’re interested.

By the end of the weekend, I possessed all four permanent versions of the flower crowns and I was quite satisfied! I might continue teleporting around on Lin to get more coins of ancestry for additional Lunar Festival rewards, but for now I’m happy with my flower crowns that bring a touch of spring in the midst of real world winter.

My mage Lin puckering up for a selfie with her flower crown.
My worgen warrior Vy showing that puppers like flower crowns too!

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