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Out on the Roof – 13 Elves and 1 Draenei

Creating music videos featuring my World of Warcraft characters is something I love to do and I recently uploaded another one to YouTube. This one features 13 elves and 1 draenei dancing it up in a variety of locations. I found it amusing the the thumbnail that YouTube chose for the video is of Renjadrius, my dranei warrior, but I didn’t change it because I think the male draenei dance is definitely one of the most fun!

Of the 14 characters in this video, eight are now 120, thanks in large part to the special Alterac Valley event. I’ve included the character names, races, and classes in this video to show the variety of what I like. Okay, it’s not much variety race-wise since they’re almost all elves, but at least they’re different kinds of elves. That counts for something, right?

Regardless, feel free to watch the video and enjoy the dance-y music. I had tons of fun making the video and this one definitely took the least amount of time. Next up will be a video featuring my worgen boys!

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