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Locked in Limbo

With still no announcement from Blizzard as to when Shadowlands pre-patch is coming and the speculation that it will be on September 29th, I’ve been feeling in limbo lately. I have plenty of characters to play and tasks to do but I feel like I’m spinning my wheels a bit trying to pick a direction.

The Strawberry group didn’t do the Nya raid this past Sunday because various people were busy. That’s quite understandable and I found other things to do but it still made me a bit sad. I missed the feeling of being an important part of something bigger, and I couldn’t be helpful or useful as I like to be. I know there will come a day when we’re done with the Nya raid in one way or another, but hopefully we’ve got one more go in us. I’m also hopeful that we’ll still find ways to play together and that we will remain in communication as a Warcraft family.

I have my blood elf lock Srixi as caught up as she’s going to be until Shadowlands. I just can’t face any more purple assaults or visions at this point aside from the Nya raid. I think I’ve done pretty well with her and she’s ready for Shadowlands. But as I’ve realized that warlock is what I feel most comfortable with in raid, I’ve concluded that having a max level alliance warlock might be a good idea. I have a male void elf warlock in the 40s right now, but Srixi gave me some girl power feelings so I want to level a female void elf lock instead.

I made said warlock last night and took her to brewfest for some fun. I wanted to continue the name theme I started with Sriset, Srilari, and Srixi. But this lock is on the alliance side where my night elf rogue Syaine is my main, thus her name is Sylock, which is also a nod to my favorite X-Men character named Psylocke.

I don’t know how far I’ll get with leveling Sylock, especially since I got distracted with racing rams at Brewfest last night and now want a pretzel hat, but it’s always good to have a new project. I know I’ll keep her though because her voidwalker is named Barvhug and I’ve never had a demon with “hug” in its name and I find that adorable! It also kind of reminds me of bearhug, so this lock is here to stay.

I’m also looking forward to making more of my Warcraft music videos once Shadowlands comes out and I can give my characters new appearances and film them in new zones. I miss making my videos, but as soon as I saw all the customization options coming, I felt the need to wait to make any new ones. I have plenty of songs and concepts stored up in my mind, so it’ll be great bringing them to life finally!

I imagine a lot of people are looking forward to Shadowlands and to finally removing the heavy Heart of Azeroth from around their characters’ necks and expunging the corruption from their bodies and gear. I’m excited about the new adventure and hopeful for lots of positive and interesting changes ahead. Soon we will all escape limbo and journey into new realms full of fresh challenges and fun.

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