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A Very Productive WoW-iversary!

When I first heard about the World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary event I was most intrigued by the Deathwing/Obsidian Worldbreaker mount that was going to be available. I’m not usually into big dragon mounts because I can never seen anything when I’m on them, but that particular dragon looked really nice.

Upon reading up on what was required to get the mount, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it, but thanks to teaming up with my daughter one winter’s night to run through (and die in) the required raids we both earned our Worldbreaker mounts. It was definitely worth the effort!

The next thing I started hearing about via social media was how fast leveling went when running the Korrak’s Revenge battleground event. I’m not great at battlegrounds, but I decided to run through Alterac Valley and soon got addicted to the sweet bonus rewards. I leveled several toons from the mid 100s to 120 thanks to that event! I also earned the mounts from the event. But I never want to see AV again…

Along with the AV gains, I also put the bonus experience from the anniversary event to good use. I got my Zandalari and my worgen druids to 58 and flying and got my nelf DK Zyve to 80 and Pandaria. I used the bonus on all the toons I played, but I have so many I had to be selective of who I played and for how long.

Overall, I think I used the WoW-iversary quite well and enjoyed leveling my alts and getting some good levels on my worgen boys. Now that the event is over, I’m looking forward to creating and playing my vulpera when they’re released this week. I imagine enjoying the fox people will keep me entertained for quite some time, as will seeing the ridiculous increase in DKs everywhere for those who have pre-purchased Shadowlands. Definitely some interesting times ahead in World of Warcraft!

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