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Level 70 and Flying in Northrend

After questing through Grizzly Hills and doing random Lich King dungeons for a couple days, my night elf death knight Zyve reached level 70 at the same time she finally had enough gold to buy flying. I even had had a little more gold than the required 250 which was nice.

Although I was grounded for 10 levels beyond the level 60 required for flying, it really was a good experience. I saw parts of Grizzly Hills I’d never seen before, I was braver about doing dungeons because it got me much-needed gold, and it gave me a stronger connection to this version of Zyve. As I’d already made her once before and deleted her, all this hard work cemented that I won’t be deleting her again.

A fallen tree bridge/tunnel I’d never used before in Grizzly Hills.

On a whim the same day I got flying, I decided to try the new guild finder in World of Warcraft because Zyve wasn’t in a guild. Sometimes I get random guild invites on realms, but that hadn’t happened yet and I was hoping to find somewhere she’d fit. I really like the guild finder as it seems to work pretty well and allowed me to be specific in what I was looking for. I’m more interested in social guilds than raiding guilds and my spec is DPS so that narrowed it down a bit.

I applied to a couple guilds that sounded good and by that evening had been invited into one of them. I accepted and found the guild members friendly and moderately talkative. As it’s usually just me in the guilds I’ve created, it’s both nice and weird having other people to talk to. The members on that night were also around my age and that was a pleasant discovery as well. We “old” folks have to stick together. 😉

I think there’s definite potential for me to level this alliance DK, more potential than my other alliance DKs have had. I do love death knights though and it sounds like Shadowlands will make them even more fun, so who knows what will happen. For now I’ll just play Zyve, enjoy flying, and see how having a social guild to chat in now and then feels.

I think my little experiment of creating characters on a new realm where I had no gold worked out well and showed me that there’s always something new to experience in Warcraft.

2 thoughts on “Level 70 and Flying in Northrend”

  1. I loved Northend when I played through it! Do you have a favourite area so far out of the whole map? Are death knights your favourite or do you have any other characters you like as well? Very cool!! I’ve never come across a post on WoW before 😀

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    1. Grizzly Hills is definitely my favorite area. I love death knights but it’s really hard for me to pick a favorite class. I’d say hunters are near the top. I have characters of every class at this point.


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