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When the Death Knight Takes Over

A couple weeks ago I finally started working on the death knight video I’d been planning since I heard the song “Running Out of Love” by Tom Caio on Epidemic Sound. A song with love in the title might seem like an odd choice for a video featuring an undead character but the lyrics said death knight to me.

My original plan was to feature all my current death knights in the video, of which I currently have four. However, as I started using the footage I had of my blood elf death knight Ripsris in the DK starting zone, I realized it worked better if I just made the video about her. I’ll probably make another video later with all my DKs using another song. But in this instance, Rip the DK took over the creative process and I think it worked well.

Since the video focuses on Rip, I thought I’d give a bit of background on her. Ripsris is the first DK I made and I chose her name as a play on my blood elf hunter Sriset. I felt that Rip was going to be the undead version of Sriset and thus came the name Ripsris, ie RIP(rest in peace) Sris. I chose Sris instead of Sri because Ripsri didn’t sound DK enough for me.

As I created Rip years ago before I knew anything about recording Warcraft videos, I didn’t record her original journey through the DK starter area. However, I decided to make another version of her on the realm of Suramar because I tend to start with DKs on new realms. It’s that Rip that I got all the footage of and I’m glad I did because it came in handier than I thought it would.

I eventually decided to move original Rip from Ravencrest to Suramar because she was level 110 and would be a more versatile addition to that realm. I made her guild leader of Rawr Flex before transferring her so she brought the guild and the guild bank with her to the new realm. I love death knights so I played her periodically and just last night I got her to 120 thanks in part to the Warcraft anniversary event and a pair of timewalking dungeons. I also did some dancing in-game last night with a fun crew, but that’s a story for another day.

Original Rip is who I took video of running up the steps of Icecrown Citadel and entering the instance so it seemed like the perfect conclusion to the video.

Rip on her way to battle Arthas.

I’d say Ripsris is one of my favorite toons because she reminds me of the expansion that came out shortly after I started playing, Wrath of the Lich King. I’ll be playing her through some of the 120 content but I’m most looking forward to adding new dimension to her when Shadowlands comes out. Long “live” death knights!

I hope you enjoy the video! If you do, feel free to give it a like or comment.

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