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Third Void Elf Lock is the Charm

I admit, I’m addicted to the various elves of World of Warcraft. Blood elves will always be my favorite because my first character was a blood elf, but I was excited when void elves popped into the game. The first void elf I made was a female hunter as I mirrored my blood elf origination in void elves and that character is now in Northrend.

After the hunter, I made a female void elf priest and then I made a male void elf warlock. I love my blood elf warlock, Salxi and as she’s now 120, I’m very familiar with the class. I liked playing my male void elf lock but I lost interest after a while and moved onto other characters. As an altoholic, this isn’t new for me.

I eventually deleted that void elf lock as I made room for future vulpera and then I felt weird not having a void elf lock, so I made another one. I didn’t end up playing that one though because he was on such a dead realm, so I deleted him too. Then I decided I’d make the third incarnation of my velf lock on Suramar where I had some Horde characters. I chose Sebastyien for his name.

They really do cram pumpkins everywhere!

As I made him during Hallow’s End, there was lots of easy experience to be had with the daily event quests and bonuses. Plus, I decided I’d play him with War Mode on for the experience bonus because I was playing in strictly Alliance areas with little chance of Horde attacks. No, I’m not good at PVP, so don’t ask. Lol.

I will be keeping this third incarnation of my void elf lock for several reasons, one of which is the name of his voidwalker, which is Helthyk. For whatever reason I read that as Hellathick and I find it funny and perfect. While Sebastyien looks exactly the same as my previous two male velf locks, I actually feel invested in him. Just last night I got him to level 31 and switched him to destruction which I find ridiculously fun!

Hellathick so done with selfies!

Although Hallow’s End ends very soon and takes the easy daily quests with it, I’m sure I’ll keep playing Seb and enjoying doing so. Warlocks are a really fun class to play and each spec has something different and deliciously wicked to take down enemies. I don’t know if it’s the timing of Hallow’s End or the phase of the moon, but the third void elf warlock is definitely the charm and a keeper for me.

Hellathick gets exasperate a lot. Lol.

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