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A Spooky Warcraft Gift from a Clever Spirit

Last night I was very fortunate that the Headless Horseman’s Mount dropped for my blood elf hunter Sriset! As I thought about it later though, I think it might’ve been more than luck.

I’d already run the dungeon on my Alliance toons that were 110+ with no luck. I had received some other nice drops like rings and a sword, but no mount. I figured I’d just keep trying as often as I could with as many toons as I could while the event lasted.

Then I hopped in Sriset who I’d parked in Razor Hill because she still had the Stop the Fires! quest to complete. While battling the fires, I queued for the dungeon and after 10 minutes or so, I got in.

Yes, Sri has a flaming pumpkin on her head, but look! There’s her future mount riding by!

The dungeon run went pretty quick, not that it ever takes long because there isn’t much to it. I got my loot filled pumpkin but nothing else worthwhile.

Everyone else teleported out of the dungeon without the mount and then I opened my pumpkin and my mouth dropped open when it said Headless Horseman’s Mount and The Horseman’s Reins achievement. I shouted excitedly to my daughter down the hall that I got the mount and she congratulated me.

Of course I had to mount up in the dungeon!

I was so happy and in shock that I’d gotten the mount and I immediately summoned it and made happy noises while I admired it. If I haven’t already mentioned it here before, I prefer mounts without flapping wings because eventually the flapping drives me nuts. Lol. The fact that the Horseman’s mount runs through the air without wings makes it perfect for me!

Later that night as I thought over how lucky I was to have gotten the mount after seriously only starting trying this year, I thought perhaps I had a bit of help from a familiar spirit. You see, yesterday marked 10 years since my father passed away and it would be just his type of sweet and clever gesture to gift me the mount that I wanted during a spooky time of year that I love.

Call me crazy if you want, but I believe his spirit wanted me to have something to make me happy on that sad anniversary. Plus, the fact that I got the mount on Sriset, the first toon I ever made and whom I played while he was still alive, is no coincidence in my mind. Now that I have the mount I wanted, I can focus on other aspects of Hallow’s End instead of the dungeon, and I think my dad would want that too. =)

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