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A Sharper Chip Off the Old Block

When I gave my oldest daughter permission to use my second World of Warcraft account, I had no idea what an amazing player she'd turn out to be. She's surpassed me in skill, strategy, and flexibility, and nowadays she teaches me more about Warcraft than I teach her. It isn't just in Warcraft that she's… Continue reading A Sharper Chip Off the Old Block

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A Necessary But Difficult New Adventure

My oldest daughter and fellow World of Warcraft player (seen above on her troll rogue with me on my blood elf hunter) turned 18 years old today and it's definitely a day to celebrate! I remember when she was a baby thinking how neat it was that she would be graduating high school and turning… Continue reading A Necessary But Difficult New Adventure

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Déjà vu in Eversong Woods

As I made my way through the streets of Silvermoon City and out into Eversong Woods amid the gently flying dragonhawk hatchlings gliding about, I was struck with a feeling of deja vu. The feeling grew stronger as I ran across The Dead Scar with its skeletal mobs called plaguebone pillagers.