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A Frosty Worgen and His Pet Witch Cat

A couple weeks ago I saw a post on one of my Warcraft social media feeds that said that if you have a pet cat and type /sit when you have it out, it will sit in our lap. There was an image accompanying the post and it looked rather adorable! I have four real life cats of my own and most of them will sit on my lap, but not usually on command.

I wanted to try the whole cat in lap in game but kept forgetting until recently. I was on my worgen death knight, Hu, and I decided to try it with the Feline Familiar battle pet which is the Hallow’s End cat pet that has a witch’s hat and a little broom that it rides on. I summoned the cat I’d named Owl after my own black cat of the same name, typed /sit, and sure enough my worgen sat down and the cat climbed into his lap! The cuteness was overwhelming!

I then decided that said cat would make the perfect companion for my worgen death knight and proceeded to quest around with Owl and Hu together. That cat pet is definitely one of my favorites because it doesn’t disappear when you mount up, it just hops on its broom!

With Hallow’s End starting tomorrow, I’m definitely even more in worgen playing mood and I’m looking forward to seeing all the spooky decorations everywhere. But Hu got a jump on things with his feline companion in a way that’s probably far too cute for an undead werewolf. Not that I pay attention to such things. 😉

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