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New Name, New Warcraft Fanfiction Story

I chose the pseudonym Sriset Syaine because those are the first names of my two main characters in World of Warcraft. Sriset is my blood elf hunter and Syaine is my night elf rogue. The name works great for my social media posts about Warcraft, but as both of those characters are in my fanfiction, I felt it was time for a different writing pseudonym.

The timing feels right because my father was one of my biggest writing supporters and a week from today will mark 10 years since he passed away. The name I chose pays tribute to him in a way and to his supporting me as a writer. His name was Robert, but most people called him Bob and from that he became associated with bobcats. He even had some shirts with bobcats on them. So that gave me the idea that my pseudonym last name should be lynx, which is another term for bobcat.

Figuring out the first name took a bit longer but I finally decided to play a bit with the word writer. I decided to spell it Ryter and then later discovered that ryter in Swedish means roar. So essentially my pseudonym of Ryter Lynx translates to roar bobcat. However, bobcats/lynxes don’t actually roar but they do make some interesting noises. It somehow feels oddly appropriate, but maybe it only makes sense to people who know me well.

Along with the change in name I felt it was time to finally post a new Warcraft fanfiction. This fanfiction is a second book entitled “Cross-Faction Compromise.” These stories deal with a different set of characters than in “Cross-Faction Chaos” but eventually there will be crossover.

In “Cross-Faction Compromise” I already have four chapters written, but I will be posting them one at a time because they require editing. It took me forever to edit the first chapter and I probably still missed some things, but it will do for now. It’s taken a lot of research to get details right and hopefully I didn’t mess anything up.

“Cross-Faction Compromise” follows a nightborne monk named Thireu and the adventures she has after venturing out into Azeroth. She encounters a night elf demon hunter named Denzarus and the path of their lives is forever changed by their first encounter.

You can find the first chapter of “Cross-Faction Compromise” here and I thank you in advance for reading it! =)

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