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Salxi and Zilik fanfiction turned video

The first chapter I posted in my World of Warcraft fanfiction entitled Cross-Faction Chaos was about my blood elf warlock Salxi and her felguard Zilikshok. They weren’t the first couple I ever wrote about in my fanfiction, but their chapter felt the most solid to me and so I posted it first. I’ve since posted the first chapters of Solunai’s and Sriset’s adventures in the book and will be posting more chapters soon.

With Sal and Zil starring in the first writing adventure I was willing to share, I felt it only right to make my first Warcraft video influenced by my fanfiction about them. I started the video months ago and have been working on it on and off when I had time. The song I chose for them is called “Lasting” by Mindme featuring Frigga. I thought it told their story well and I did my best to tell part of their story in the video.

The music video features Salxi fighting alongside Zilikshok in his felguard form and it also features Zilik in his night elf form fighting solo. While I might wish I had a second account so I could have my couples in game together, that isn’t the case and so I make do. I think I did a decent job and I’m happy with the video. I hope you enjoy it too! Thanks for watching!

You can read all three posted chapters of my World of Warcraft fanfiction here:

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