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Vulpera? Fox people?! Yes, please!

I’ve loved foxes for as long as I can remember and I believe them to be a sign of good luck. So you can imagine how excited I was yesterday when Blizzard announced that playable vulpera were coming in Battle for Azeroth patch 8.3. There’s lots of other things coming too, but really all I heard was playable fox people! 🦊❤️

I’d selected the option to play on the public test realm for World of Warcraft months ago, but I hadn’t downloaded it to my computer yet. That changed yesterday when I learned vulpera were available in PTR. Last night I downloaded that PTR and hopped on as soon as it was ready to go.

The moment I got to the character creation screen and clicked on vulpera I verbally expressed my love for the race in baby talk that made my daughters cringe. I started going through the customization options for skin color, face, ears, pattern and snout, and continued speaking ridiculously excited gibberish about how adorable every appearance was. My oldest daughter groaned from her bedroom down the hall and my youngest thought mommy was nuts.

After much switching around to see what the different female vulpera looks were and swapping between a couple different classes, I finally settled on the fiery orange color my youngest called pink. I asked my oldest for other words that meant pink because I was incapable of overly adult thoughts then and she suggested rose. The name Rose was taken so I put in Rosie and it worked! My very first vulpera, a fiery monk named Rosie was born!

As soon as I got into the realm I found myself standing in Orgrimmar where I believe the goblins arrive. I imagine that might change when the vulpera go live but I don’t know. I was surrounded by vulpera of every color, class, and gender and it was an adorably furry gathering!

I checked the mount button and I had a caravan hyena mount that I clicked on. Rosie popped onto a mini hyena complete with covered wagon canopy. I emitted more childish squeals and coos and set the hyena into motion. Wow, I thought the original hyena mount I have was bouncy! This mount felt like riding a bouncing beach ball. 😯 I’m sure that’s due to the size and the addition of the canopy, but it was a bit dizzying for me.

Regardless, I set out on Rosie to do a bit of questing and see what her movements were like. The jokes and flirts didn’t work and when I tried to laugh, it sounded like the male goblin laugh, which was disconcerting. I’m sure Blizzard does that for a reason but I was a little bummed.

Fighting with Rosie was fun though because she sounds very feisty and determined just like the NPC vulpera in the game. When I did the monk roll, she rolled once and then sort of flew through the air. It was a bit odd but still cute. Her fists of fury didn’t seem to work quite right yet either but as it was PTR, I wasn’t expecting perfection. How the vulpera sleep though is too cute for words!

I didn’t play Rosie very long, but I was already in love! I’ll probably hop on PTR now and then to play the vulpera, but I want to reserve some of my enthusiasm for when they’re officially in game. Then I may make a shaman and perhaps finally level that class higher than the 20s. All I know for now is that the vulpera are an adorable and fun addition to World of Warcraft.

3 thoughts on “Vulpera? Fox people?! Yes, please!”

    1. I think I’m definitely going to make a shaman and level it. They’re just such cute and fierce up close fighters and casters, I think it’d be the best of both worlds. 🦊👍I do love rogues though too. Lol.

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