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What My Warcraft Fanfiction Is and Is Not

World of Warcraft Horde and Alliance banners

I’ve talked about my Warcraft fanfiction many times in my blog posts and I’ve even posted an excerpt, but I realized I haven’t really explained what my fanfiction is and what it is not.

When I started writing my World of Warcraft stories, I didn’t entirely understand what fanfiction was and I’m not sure I completely do even now. However, the Warcraft fanfiction I’ve read so far seems to involve major characters from the game, books, and other sources of lore. My fanfiction doesn’t do that. In fact, I try to avoid mentioning major characters as much as possible because I don’t want to contradict the established lore for World of Warcraft.

I see nothing wrong with writing about major characters in fanfiction, but it’s not my thing. I feel that those characters already have pre-set pasts and destinies and it’s not my place to mess with that. I still enjoy reading fanfiction by those writers who do want to involve those characters and I applaud their creativity.

My World of Warcraft fanfiction involves my original characters I created in the game. The first installment/book is entitled Cross-Faction Chaos. As I stated on Wattpad where I’ve published my first chapter:

“This book contains the adventures of the Emberstar sisters, Sriset, Solunai, Salxi, and Lindrastra, as they navigate the world of Azeroth. During their journeys, they encounter many other adventurers, some friend, some foe. But their most interesting adventures begin when they become involved with heroes from opposing factions. 

Raised not to judge others on the banner they fly under, the Emberstar sisters are always open to new friendships and companions. However, dealing with those who are supposed to be their enemies threatens to create cross-faction chaos unlike anything Azeroth has ever seen before…”

The adventures start by following Salxi and her felguard Zilikshok as they travel through Pandaria from the time when Mists of Pandaria came out. Pandaria is one of my favorite areas and I spent a long time there on Salxi because I found it so beautiful. My questing there on her is what first inspired me to start writing Warcraft fanfiction.

The stories of the sisters will remain separate for quite some time until circumstances and the Legion bring them back together. I have them all planned out in my head and the first part of each of their stories written, it’s just a matter of filling in the gaps.

The best part about writing these stories is that whenever I need inspiration, need to check, a location, or put myself in my character’s shoes, I can do just that by logging into Warcraft. It’s definitely some very fun research!

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